Rose Buds

Rose Buds

$6.00 CAD

This listing is for a 1 ounce sachet


Magical Properties

  • The petals are used in healing incense and sachets and burned to provide restful sleep.
  • Rose petals sprinkled around your house will calm personal stress, and help defuse tensions in the home.
  • The rose was significant to the Romans when placed over the door of a home or banquet place. Each who passed beneath it was bound to not disclose anything said or done within.
  • As stereotypical and well known, it has connections to love, lust, attraction and beauty. Rose petals can be used in love divination, sex magic, and spells and charms regarding the aforementioned properties.
  • Also used for: protection, purification, healing, developing psychic powers (and in extension, divination and clairvoyance), peace, luck, courage, creating a catalyst, sleep and dreams, anger management, abundance and prosperity, domestic issues and happiness.
  • Red roses have an association with Jupiter.

Medicinal Properties

  • Rose petals best suited for medicinal purposes yield a deep rose coloured, fragrant infusion when boiling water is poured over them; unfortunately many roses have been bred for their vibrant display rather than their aromatic scent, which diminishes their medicinal properties.
  • They’re especially good for healing damaged skin. The petals are astringent and can be used to staunch bleeding from minor scrapes and cuts.