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Bath time as become a time where I can meditate and prepare for a ritual without being disturbed. A time where I just relax, reflect, and make time for me. Then I'll light some candles, plop one of my favorite bath bombs or add bath salts in the tub, turn on some meditation music, and relax. I've found that the combination of dim lighting, warm water, Epsom salt, aromatherapy, and soothing music puts not only my body, but my mind at ease. Allowing myself to become in-tune with my inner being and reminding me the importance of mindfulness. Making it easier to connect with the universe. 
Ritual Baths and Bathing are among some of the most important, but far too often overlooked, parts of Magickal work. Bathing can be not only a way to get physically clean but can also be a spiritually cleansing and centering activity that grounds us and prepares us for our ritual acts. Before stepping into a sacred space, Witches should really take a spiritually cleansing Ritual Bath and then either dress in ritual clothing or step naked into the sacred space. Many other traditions also hold that a Ritual Bath can help end difficult, unfavorable, or even cursed situations and can help clear chakras and magical blockages.
Ritual purification is common among many magickal traditions and the act of bathing can become a ritual in itself. Ritual Baths are associated with the element of Water and help cleanse us and restore our balance and harmony with the natural world before we set out to use our will and intent in our rites, rituals, and ceremonies. Ritual Baths can also incorporate the use of candles, herbs, incenses and oils.