You can choose for in person or distance healing

Crystals and stones offer great support of emotional and spiritual healing. Combined with a Universal Life Force that is always present, we can begin to shed what no longer serves us.

A Distance Crystal Healing is a session for your wellness. It is a meditative, sacred space created specifically for YOU. If you have a specific thing you’d like healing for, or even if you want a general session, this is a wonderful gift to yourself.

How’s it work? It’s not much different than an in person session, other than we can both be in the comfort of our own homes. I gather crystals and stones in a crystal grid, sit in a healing space, and offer energy healing from a space of Divine Consciousness using energy healing, crystal bowls, and other tools. Healing knows no time or space, so it’s perfect! We’ll connect by video chat for a few moments before and after the session. (Though this is optional.)

With my skills and first-hand experience, it’s my joy to offer ways that we can work together for your own well-being and vitality.