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Spiral Rain

Spiral Rain's Apothecary Box

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🌿 Spiral Rain's Apothecary Box: A Monthly Alchemy of Herbs, Oils, and Magick 🌿

Dive into the enchanting world of herbs and oils with Spiral Rain's Apothecary Box, a treasure chest filled each month with all the essentials you need for herbal magic and DIY projects. Each box is a comprehensive guide to harnessing the natural power of herbs through practical, hands-on experiences that will deepen your knowledge and enhance your practice of Traditional Witchcraft.


  • 🌱 You will receive herbs, oils, waxes and more.
  • Everything you need to complete the monthly DIY project
  • 🌕 Ritual Essentials
  • 📖 E-Course on Monthly Theme
  • 🌙 Monthly Grimoire Magazine
  • 💰 Retail Value of CAD $80+
  • 📦 5–9 Items Depending on Value

What’s Inside?

  • Curated Selection of Herbal Supplies: From fresh herbs to essential oils, carrier oils, waxes, and butters, each item is chosen to support a specific DIY project that ties into the month's magical theme.
  • Monthly DIY Project: Engage in a unique, hands-on project that helps you integrate herbal wisdom into your daily practices and rituals.
  • Educational Content: Every box comes with a e-course related to the theme and a copy of our monthly Grimoire Magazine, providing deeper insights and extended learning opportunities.

Who Should Subscribe?

  • Aspiring Herbalists and Witches: Perfect for those starting their journey into herbal magic, looking for structured guidance and high-quality ingredients.
  • Experienced Practitioners: Enhance your existing practice with unique projects and complex herbal concoctions that challenge and inspire deeper growth.

Transformational Experience:

  • Current State without the Apothecary Box: Tired of struggling to source quality supplies and missing out on structured guidance and unique projects that enhance your practice? You may be curious about herbal magic, looking for ways to incorporate more natural elements into your practice, or feel unsure where to start with DIY herbal projects.
  • Future with the Apothecary Box: Receive quality supplies, structured guidance and unique projects that enhance your practice. Become proficient and confident in using herbs for magic and healing, creating your own spells and remedies, and feeling deeply connected to the natural world.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What will I receive each month?

    • Each month is different but you will always have all the natural ingredients needed like herbs, essential oils, carrier oils, waxes, butters, and more. Expect to receive between 5-9 items depending on their value and what's needed to complete the monthly project.
  • Is there educational content?

    • Yes, each box includes a e-course on the monthly theme and a monthly Grimoire Magazine.
  • What about shipping and customs?

    • Boxes ship worldwide. Customs duties are not included and are the buyer's responsibility.
  • What if my address is incorrect?

    • It's the customer's responsibility to keep their account information updated. Incorrect addresses may result in misdelivery and we hold no responsibility for boxes delivered to the wrong address.

Subscribe Today

Embark on a journey of herbal discovery with Spiral Rain's Apothecary Box. Each month, build your expertise and expand your witch pantry as you transform natural ingredients into powerful magical and healing tools. Subscribe now and cultivate a deeper connection with Earth’s gifts.

Turn every leaf and blossom into a step towards mastering the art of herbal magic. Blessed be! ✨🌿✨