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Spiral Rain

Triad of Tranquility Box (Apothecary + Ohm + Witch Box combo)

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🌿🕉️🔮 Spiral Rain’s Triad of Tranquility: The Apothecary, Ohm, & Witch Combo Box 🌿🕉️🔮

Welcome to Spiral Rain's Triad of Tranquility Box, a monthly spiritual subscription meticulously curated by a seasoned Witch and holistic healer. This unique offering converges the worlds of "Herbal Apothecary," "Ohm Meditation," and "Traditional Witchcraft," making it the quintessential choice for those who seek a balanced, "Holistic Spiritual Practice." With 12-21 carefully selected items in each box, our subscribers embark on a transformative journey, gaining both spiritual tools and the wisdom to use them effectively.

Who Should Purchase?

The Triad of Tranquility Box is an invitation to those who wish to deepen their spiritual practice by integrating the wisdom of herbal apothecary, the balance of Ohm meditation, and the empowering traditions of Witchcraft. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned practitioner, this box is a treasury of spiritual tools and teachings.


  • 🌿 Integrative Experience: Apothecary, Ohm, and Witchcraft in one box
  • 🔮 12 - 21 Curated, Full-Sized Items
  • 🕉️ Exclusive Mini-Course & Monthly Grimoire Magazine
  • 💫 Handmade with Intention and Love
  • 🌍 Available for International Shipping

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What will I find in the Triad of Tranquility Box?
    • You'll discover a fusion of items from our Apothecary, Ohm, and Witch Boxes, including but not limited to herbs, oils, ritual tools, and much more.
  • How valuable is this box?
    • With a retail value of CAD $210+, the box also includes an exclusive mini-course and a monthly Grimoire magazine.
  • What about shipping and customs?
    • Boxes ship worldwide. Customs duties are not included and are the buyer's responsibility.
  • What if my address is incorrect?
    • It's the customer's responsibility to keep their account information updated. Incorrect addresses may result in misdelivery and we hold no responsibility for boxes delivered to the wrong address.

✨ For a glimpse into the ethereal treasures you may receive, feel free to peruse the individual listings for our Ohm, Apothecary, and Witch boxes. ✨

The Triad of Tranquility Box is not just an amalgamation of items; it is a spiritual symphony composed of Apothecary, Ohm, and Witchcraft notes. Every item, every ritual, every course is a harmonious part of this grand composition. This box reflects Spiral Rain's vision of a world where spiritual practices are not isolated silos but interconnected streams that nourish the soul. As you unbox each monthly offering, you aren't just opening a package; you are unveiling a new chapter in your spiritual story. It’s a journey of growth, balance, and empowerment. A journey that we, at Spiral Rain, are honoured to be a part of.

May this box serve as your spiritual companion, guiding you to tranquility and wisdom. 🌿🕉️🔮