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Spiral Rain

Aragonite Brown Tumbled

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This Tumbled Aragonite from Morocco has a wonderful pattern and brown coloring. Aragonite is a calcium carbonate, Orthrombic Crystal, with particular pieces of natural Aragonite being commonly known as the "sputnik" form of Aragonite due to it's formation. Aragonite is a good Earth healer, and encourages conservation of Earth's precious resources.

Aragonite helps you release past negativity, while also helping you avoid toxic situations and people in the present. This stone has powerful grounding properties. It centers you, making you at peace with yourself, which in turn allows you to bring peace and calm to situations that cause anger and anxiety. Aragonite allows you to be patient, generous, and accepting of others’ emotions. If you’ve been suffering from stagnation or a lack of self-discipline, Aragonite will help you overcome these obstacles. Aragonite also allows you to release control, delegating what you can and also letting go of things that you have no power over. 

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