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Spiral Rain

Aventurine Purple Heart Mini

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All members of the Aventurine family can clear and balance our energetic field and aid in the healing of some aspect of ourselves. Aventurine is fantastic for ALL forms of energy balancing. This contributes to its healing abilities. It can balance masculine and feminine energies, yin and yang energies, and bodily energy. If you are physically feeling "off," a little out of sorts, then this is an excellent resource to help you reset. Additionally, Aventurine disperses and transforms bad energy and circumstances. This is a fantastic stone for all healers, including nurses, doctors, Reiki practitioners, and people in the healing professions. Not only does it aid to balance and heal illness in patients, but it also protects and maintains the equilibrium of the healer. Purple Aventurine is a potent spiritual healer. It is particularly helpful if you are experiencing a crisis of faith. Occasionally, personal experiences or global events shock our spiritual convictions to their core, leaving us to ponder, "What is the point of this?" Even the Devout continue to endure adversity. Even when we feel let down by the world, Purple Aventurine enables us to stand up and maintain our faith and its role in the human experience. If you have just suffered a major setback in your spiritual practise, the spiritual characteristics of Purple Aventurine will assist you in sitting with your experience, absorbing it, and seeing how it affects your feelings and spiritual path. You may conclude that it is a little difficulty that reframes, but does not derail, your Spiritual Practice. You may also choose to take a different route. Aventurine violet can assist you in tapping into your Inner Wisdom and making sound decisions. Purple Aventurine is coloured by inclusions of purple mica, also known as Lepidolite. It possesses some of the potent properties of Lepiolite, including the ability to alleviate acute stress and anxiety, lift depression, and repair heart wounds. When you are feeling gloomy about the trajectory of your life and the state of the world, Purple Aventurine will help you feel better.

To comply with social media product listing policies, I must mention that our products should not replace advice from a physician. Sold as a Curio. For external use only.