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Spiral Rain

Ogham Wisdom: A Digital Compendium of Sacred Tree Lore

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Awaken the Ancient:

Unearth the wisdom of the ancient Celtic Druids with this opulent compilation of Ogham knowledge. "Ogham Wisdom" unfurls its secrets across a grand expanse of 149 meticulously crafted, full-colour pages of 8.5" x 11" dimensions. Designed for modern mystics and ancient souls alike, this digital tome serves as a bridge to the ancestral and the elemental. Available only in English.

What Lies Within:

  • Ogham Alphabets: Trace the sacred characters of this ancient script.
  • Tree Lore: Delve into the wisdom each tree bestows, from the Oak to the Rowan.
  • Sacred Spells: Learn the magical applications of Ogham, from protection to divination.
  • Herbal Wisdom: Explore the folklore and herbal applications of each corresponding tree.

Why Ogham Wisdom?

  • Authentic Knowledge: Immerse in traditions preserved through millennia.
  • Spiritual Connection: Forge a deeper relationship with nature and the Celtic pantheon.
  • Practical Tool: For witches, druids, and spiritual seekers, this tome serves as a comprehensive guide to the Ogham and its myriad applications.

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Pages made by Style24Designs and sold with their permission