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Spiral Rain

Charoite Tumbled

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Charoite is a multidimensional stone that facilitates communication with spirit guides, deities, and otherworldly entities. Working with this stone stretches our third eye, crown, and etheric chakras to their absolute limits (especially when placed directly on the forehead). The energies emitted by Charoite immediately stimulate the pineal gland and expedite the development of transdimensional vision. Through intensive meditation with Charoite, it is possible to rapidly acquire symbolic images depicting aspects of our contemporary lives. The dynamic energy of Charoite assists in removing the mask we create for ourselves. This is a characteristic that our mind produces frequently for self-defense. This illusory "shareholder" of your consciousness desires comfort, safety, and stability in the present. Our longing for these emotions may lead to fearful behaviour. This perspective is unhealthy for someone who is focused on growth and expansion. To advance our personal evolution, we must be willing and able to accept our undesirable characteristics. This self-deception is dissolved by Charoite, which places us on a platform of self-assurance and acceptance. Once a person is at ease with themselves, they can find solace in the company of others. Due to the daily presence of so much negativity, Charoite is a good source of etheric and mental protection. We are constantly attacked by unknown parties as well as our own family members (occasionally by unintentionally!). Charoite envelops your entire auric field in a protective mantle, enabling only positive energy to penetrate and enter your soul. When you are in this "safe area," your brain ability should feel greatly expanded, and your emotional body should be in a state of tranquilly. Here, the actual magic of Charoite and you combine.

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