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Spiral Rain

Creativity Witch Vinyl Sticker

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I hope you like this vinyl sticker as much as I loved creating it. Vinyl stickers, are a fun way to decorate your window, car, laptop, mugs, glass jars and other sturdy surfaces. First, wipe down the surface of your choice to get rid of any dirt and dust. Try applying the center of the sticker first, then press the outer edges of the vinyl sticker into place. Aim to do this in a fluid motion to prevent any air bubbles from forming. Press out any air bubbles with a squeegee or credit card. Grab a flat, bendy item and press it in an even line along the surface of the sticker. Move your squeegee, credit card, or the other tool consistently, applying an even amount of pressure as you go from edge to edge. Focus on areas that have air bubbles, so the sticker looks smooth.
Once applied these are dishwater safe and weatherproof. 

3 inches x 3 inches