Crystal Starter set
Crystal Starter set
Crystal Starter set

Crystal Starter set

$40.00 CAD

Starting your crystal practice has never been so easy! Get all of your crystal essentials, and the sage to cleanse their energy with, in one simple-to-use tool kit. Each of the 10 crystals in this kit will benefit a different aspect of your spirit and life. There are crystals for wealth, love, relaxation, protection, cleansing, focus and so much more.


Set the foundation for your crystal practice by learning how to both cleanse and use your crystals. The kit includes a sage bundle to burn and release the purifying smoke of sage. You’ll discover how to immerse the stones in the smoke to cleanse their energy, how to set an intention with each stone, and one unique way to work every stone in the kit. Each of these 10 stones will enhance your energy differently, and can be used to improve various areas of your life.


  • Black Tourmaline: For energy protection and cleansing.
  • Shungite: For EMF protection and purification of the mind, body + spirit.
  • Carnelian: For confidence, passion and creativity.
  • Pyrite: To invite abundance, wealth and new opportunities.
  • Rose Quartz: For channeling self-love, familial love, loving friendship, romance and more.
  • Aventurine: For manifesting luck and wealth.
  • Citrine: For inspiring ambition and motivation.
  • Amethyst: For boosting relaxation + intuition, and reducing stress + anxiety.
  • Selenite: For uplifting, joyful vibrations as well as energy cleansing.  
  • Clear Quartz: For cleansing, programming, clarity, focus and overall energy amplification.