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Spiral Rain

The Egyptian Pantheon Codex – Divine Pages for Your Book of Shadows

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Embark on a sacred journey down the Nile with "The Egyptian Pantheon Codex," a majestic addition to your Book of Shadows. This downloadable collection boasts 12 intricately designed pages, each bursting in original, radiant hues. These pages serve as your sacred scrolls to the deities that once ruled the hearts and temples of ancient Egypt. From the wisdom of Thoth to the nurturing energies of Isis, deepen your magical practices by invoking their ancient archetypes. Tailored for the modern witch, these pages are perfect for spellwork, journaling, and connecting with the Egyptian divine. Exclusively available in English.

What’s Revealed Within:

  • 12 Majestic Pages: Created to seamlessly integrate into your Book of Shadows, each in their original, vibrant palette.
  • Sacred Assembly of Twelve: Detailed profiles of Thoth, Hathor, Set, Sobek, Sekhmet, Min, Horus, Khnum, Ptah, Amun, Khepri, and Isis.
  • Instant Mystical Access: Step into the temples and tombs of ancient Egypt the moment you download!

Who This Codex Enchants:

  • Novice Priests and Priestesses: Ideal for those new to the Egyptian pantheon.
  • Experienced Magicians: Expand your grimoire with ancient Egyptian wisdom.
  • Spiritual Archaeologists: Unearth the mythological gems of the Nile.
  • Eclectic Practitioners: Incorporate Egyptian magick into your diverse spiritual practices.

Divine Blessings You Receive:

  • Instant Download: An email link to download your Egyptian Pantheon Codex.
  • Universal Compatibility: PDF format, fit for both digital tablets and papyrus scrolls.
  • Eternal Wisdom: Lifetime access to the divine knowledge of ancient Egypt.

Gods and Goddesses included:

  • Thoth
  • Hathor
  • Set
  • Sobek
  • Sekhmet
  • Min
  • Horus
  • Khnum
  • Ptah
  • Amun
  • Khepri
  • Isis

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Once purchased, you will receive an email with a link to download the pages

Pages made by Style24Designs and sold with their permission