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Spiral Rain

Fluorite octahedron 0.5-1 cm

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Fluorite is a stone noted for enhancing mental clarity. This is a good stone to work with due to its capacity to aid in the removal of negative energy and in making decisions. This powerful crystal is known for its ability to absorb negative energy, particularly from the aura and mind. Fluorite will help the mind to flow freely in order to achieve mental equilibrium. It is highly suggested for those who have difficulty navigating life, as it assists you in making the decisions you actually desire. Fluorite is a very significant stone for Libras and can boost their confidence, particularly while making future-altering decisions. The astral energy of fluorite assists in the activation of your entire chakra column, leading to the discovery of your actual self. As we radiate our inner-lightbringer, the thoughts and concepts that motivate us to become a better human can now progressively be transformed into reality. Fluorite helps to awaken the surroundings in which it is put, while also offering a clear route for cognition.

Similar to the pyramid, the Octahedron, a doubly inverted and reflecting pyramid, vibrates at a greater frequency. Their high vibration connects with your Heart Chakra, infusing your physical and spiritual bodies with compassion, love, and reflected energy. As within, so without; as above, so below." This proverb is regarded as a universal truth demonstrating that the external world is a reflection of our inner reality. What we feel and believe manifests itself in our life.
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