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Spiral Rain

Grimoire Magazine digital pages

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🌙 Spiral Rain's Grimoire Magazine: A Monthly Digital Guide to Witchcraft and Spirituality 🌙

Welcome to Spiral Rain's Grimoire Magazine, a digital sanctuary for those seeking wisdom in the realms of witchcraft, moon magic, herbal lore, astrology, and more. Curated by me, Rani Guillemette, a seasoned witch and holistic healer, my monthly issues are jam-packed with valuable insights, tips, and rituals. Keywords like "Herbal Correspondences," "Traditional Witchcraft," "Tarot Spreads," "Spells and Rituals," "Moon Phases," and "Astrological Insights" make this the perfect spiritual guide for those searching for deeper meaning and mystical knowledge. Subscribe today and illuminate your path in the Craft.


  • 🌕 Comprehensive Moon Phase Guidance
  • 🌿 Detailed Herbal Correspondences
  • 🌠 Astrological Insights and Forecasts
  • 🎭 Pagan Holidays and Ritual Ideas
  • 🌈 In-Depth Spiritual Articles
  • 💎 Crystals Knowledge
  • 🌑 Traditional Witchcraft
  • 🃏 Tarot Spreads, Spells, and Rituals
  • ✨ Monthly Themes for Renewed Focus
  • 💌 Instant Digital Delivery on the 1st of each month
  • 💫 Easy Subscription Management

Who Should Purchase?

Whether you're a neophyte just starting your journey in the mystical arts, or a well-versed practitioner of Traditional Witchcraft, this magazine is your monthly guide to deepening your knowledge and enhancing your spiritual practice.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When will I receive my magazine?
    • Digital files are sent directly to your email on the 1st of each month.
  • How do subscriptions work?
    • Your subscription will renew automatically on the 15th of each month. You can cancel anytime.
  • Is this the same magazine as in the subscription boxes?
    • Yes, this is the same enriching content that comes with our monthly subscription boxes.
  • Can I use the magazine for commercial purposes?
    • No, these files are strictly for personal use and cannot be used for commercial activities.


Spiral Rain's Grimoire Magazine is more than just a collection of pages; it's a vessel for ancient wisdom, a bridge between the old world and the new. As you flip through its digital pages, may you find not just information but inspiration. May it be a light in dark places, a guide when you are lost, and a companion in your journey through the Craft. With every issue, I strive to deepen your connection to the elements, the celestial bodies, and the very Earth beneath your feet.

Subscribe today and let us be a part of your spiritual journey. Blessed be! 🌙✨