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Spiral Rain

Hematite Tumbled Tiny

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Hematite is one of the most potent grounding stones in the mineral realm, bringing the mind and body back to the Earth. This stone helps you refocus your thoughts and actions on the things that are most important to you and guides you in the right direction. It is an attractive stone, similar to a magnet. Hematite is continually absorbing extra energy from its surroundings and directing it toward your best interests. Once your attention is firmly rooted in the Earth, Hematite reveals that everything you desire is possible. Each day, it appears to be more difficult to remain firmly rooted in the present. In the technologically advanced environment in which we are advancing, it appears impossible for us to maintain mental presence. Constantly picking up the phone demonstrates that our mind is searching for an escape. When we connect with Hematite, our root chakra is strengthened, allowing us to maintain focus on the work at hand. Take a moment every day to work with your hematite to bring your energy into proper perspective. If you are matched with a high vibrational stone that you feel is too powerful at the present (Phenacite, Moldavite, Grandidierite, etc.), use Hematite to bring in strong grounding energies when dealing with your crystal.

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