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Spiral Rain

Magick Potions BOS Pages

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Book of Shadows, Printable pages of Magick Potions, Printable BOS Sheets

21 pages 8.5 "X 11" in original colours

Potions included:

Angel Water,

Aphrodisia Oil,

Florida Water,

Four Thieves Vinegar,

House Blessing Oil

Hungary Water, 


Bee Priestess Balm,

Faery Vision Rub

Non-Toxic Flying Ointment, 

Initiation Oil,

Love Drawing Powder,

Has No Hannah Oil,

Seven Gates Salve,

Seven Flowers

Aphrodite’s Treasure Ointment, 

Cauldron Spirit,

Emotion Potion (A Tea For Lovers),

Oil of the Mystical Realms,

Spellbinder Smoke,

Abramelin Oil

and Black Salt.

Potioncraft (the making and use of magickal potions) has been a talent of most Witches since the earliest of times. It has been dramatized in great works of literature (the most famous being the Witches’ scene in Shakespeare’s Macbeth), is mentioned in the Holy Bible, and is without a doubt the forerunner to the world of modern medicine much in the same ways that astrology is to astronomy and alchemy is to science.

Potions have been used to heal the sick, invoke spirits and deities, divine the future, bring harm or death to enemies and rivals, control the weather, and conjure forth the greatest of magickal power. In the art of spellcraft, most Witches prefer to work magick with herbs, oils, colors, symbols, gemstones, lunar phases, deities, etc. that magickally correspond to each other because this is believed to greatly enhance the power of all spells. Enjoy!

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Pages made by Style24Designs and sold with their permission