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Spiral Rain

Planetary Magickal Correspondences BOS Pages

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Book of Shadows, Printable pages of Planetary Magickal Correspondences, Printable BOS Sheets

9 pages 8.5 "X 11" in original colours

Planets, Star and natural satellite and included:

Moon (natural satellite)
Sun (Star)


Are you a witch looking to unlock the secrets of powerful planetary magick and deepen your practice? Look no further! Our Planetary Magickal Correspondences BOS Pages are the perfect devotional tool for journeying into the universe of astrological magicks. Discover the magickal power of the planets with these Planetary Magickal Correspondence BOS Pages! The perfect addition to your Book Of Shadows, a not-to-be-missed tool for any spiritual enthusiast, these 9 printable pages cover 7 traditional planets (“fixed stars”). The seven planetary forces are represented as Sefirot on the Tree of Life as Yesod (Luna, the Moon), Geburah (Mars), Hod (Mercury), Chesed or Gedulah (Jupiter), Netzach (Venus), Binah (Saturn) & Tiphareth (Sol, the Sun) and are used by many magical practitioners and traditions all of the world. Whether you need help creating spellwork or charging enchantments under specific planetary influences,our Planetary Magickal Correspondences BOS Pages will open new possibilities to enhance all your magical ambitions. Enjoy!


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Pages made by Style24Designs and sold with their permission