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Spiral Rain

Prasiolite (Green Amethyst)

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The energies of Prasiolite represent the beauty of our home planet, which contributed to the creation of such a rare display. When holding or channelling the energies of Prasiolite, the root and heart chakras become interwoven. Directly emanating from Mother Earth, revitalising vibrations envelop your entire aura with healing energy. This energising influence can significantly improve your internal energy flow and rekindle your drive towards enlightenment. Now is the time for our feelings to be heard and comprehended. Trauma and other forms of post-traumatic stress disorder can be reasoned with a level head and heart. Prasiolite functions to liberate the awareness from the shackles that inhibit progress, self-confidence, and self-appreciation. It serves as a continual reminder that we must move forward with love in our hearts and spread it to all those who support us. We suggest placing this stone directly over the heart during any Reiki or former life trauma session. Your emotions may have difficulty regulating due to the amount of heartache that may reappear. Prasiolite functions as a guardian of the emotional body, balancing traumatic upheaval within. Trust yourself and make a personal vow that your path to happiness and self-love will endure regardless of adversity. Your history does not represent you or define your emotional body. What important is the current moment. Position yourselves to be the finest possible versions of yourselves. Realize that YOU have complete authority over this universe and no one else does. Make judgments and selections that benefit you so you can benefit others!
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