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Rainbow Moonstone raw

Rainbow Moonstone raw

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  • Mineral Family: Orthoclase and Albite
  • Structure: Monoclinic
  • Hardness:6-6.5
  • Numerology Vibration: 4
  • Chakra Correspondences: Sacral, Third Eye, and Crown
  • Astrological Correspondences: Cancer, Libra, and Scorpio 

Moonstone is a magical crystal that puts you back in touch with your divine feminine and inner goddess. It helps you to unlock the energy of the Moon that resides within you, thereby keeping you in a more balanced state of tranquility. Just like the moon consistently renews itself with each cycle, Moonstone stimulates new beginnings. Life is a series of chapters yet to be explored. Moonstone opens you to these new possibilities so that you can become your most authentic, fulfilled self. It helps you center and connect with your intuition to make good decisions, and it also stimulates creativity.

Rainbow Moonstone will help you recognize and dispel negative energy, providing you with psychic protection.