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Spiral Rain

Moonstone Rainbow raw

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The vibrations of Rainbow Moonstone awaken and align all of our chakras, allowing energy to flow freely. It is a highly tranquil stone that emits vibrations of calming and relaxing energy. This potent crystal communicates with an individual's emotional body and current mental state. Rainbow Moonstone is a great ally in maintaining mental clarity throughout the day and in preventing unwanted vibrations from attaching themselves to your aura. You will note that Moonstones have the passive capacity to increase one's awareness, intuitive, and intellectual capabilities by aiding in mental clarity. These characteristics can then be applied to any undertaking or aspiration. This stone encourages individuals to embrace new chances and be receptive to new beginnings. Rainbow Moonstone is a highly effective transformational stone, and just a short period of time spent working with it can produce life-altering prospects! Imagine yourself running on the Moon's cycle. Each month, the new moon initiates this never-ending cycle of growing to fullness, emitting its brilliant light, and then resetting itself to become another new moon. Imagine yourself embarking on a new endeavour every month with varied goals. You will continue to grow, learn, and shine until you achieve your goal, which will fill you with infinite delight and satisfaction. As you savour this sensation, it will soon be time to reset yourself and establish a new set of objectives. Carrying a piece of Rainbow Moonstone during this time will alleviate the stress, worry, and pressure associated with trying new things while facilitating a period of transition.

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