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Spiral Rain

Satin Spar Selenite Tumbled

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Selenite facilitates mental purity and access to the global awareness. This unconditional love is strengthened and expanded by the frequency vibration of the metaphysical healing qualities of Selenite. Crystals radiate their own therapeutic frequency, and Selenite has one of the greatest energies attainable. Selenite facilitates personal evolution. Selenite is pure white light encased in physical form, and every spiritual practitioner must have it. Regarding the regeneration of our own auric field and spiritual body, Selenite's tremendous energies know no bounds. Selenite cleanses and recharges the air in any location in which it is placed. It is one of our favourite stones for removing any negative energies we may have accumulated over the day. By meditating with a crystal over your third eye or crown chakra, you can increase your awareness and intuition. Simply said, the expanding effect extends beyond our own domain and into the dream world's dimensions. While awake and asleep, thoughts, ideas, and visions grow more distinct, both consciously and subconsciously. These invocations have a direct impact on our daily lives and can drive us in a direction that affects our life track for the greater good. To maximise the benefits of your Selenite, carry a piece with you every day in addition to keeping one by your bedside at night. This mineral contains no negative energy and can be used to purify and replenish your favourite stones and auric field. Place the stones you've recently worked with or purchased near or on your Selenite piece and invoke purity into your crystal armour to obtain this cleansing ability. Selenite is soluble in water and will dissolve in fluids. This vital quality is also a perfect metaphor for the crystal's innate ability to dispel overblown emotions with the stabilising light energy of your "true nature and feeling."

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