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Spiral Rain

Jasper Snakeskin Tumbled Small

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 Snakeskin Jasper is one of the Jasper kinds with the greatest mystical resonance. It is frequently used for dream work and shamanic excursions. This stone absorbs negative energies to shield your bodily and spiritual selves from harm. Jasper assists in the balancing and alignment of the physical, mental, and emotional bodies with the etheric plane. It facilitates the movement of energy and is beneficial during massage and energy healing. Snakeskin Jasper may be red and white or yellow with "scale-like" whirling patterns. The difference between Snakeskin Jasper and Snakeskin Agate lies in their colours. Snakeskin Jasper is more orange-red in hue, but Snakeskin Agate is predominantly white and brown-gray with distinct white mottling. This earth stone may shield you against those who are envious of your accomplishments. Snakeskin Jasper, like its animal counterpart, enables you to abandon old patterns and routines and welcome change, particularly if you are opposed to it. It is a companion stone, assisting you in navigating these earthly events and keeping you on your life path. Jasper is generally known as the "ultimate nurturer." During times of stress, it provides sustenance and support, as well as tranquilly and wholeness. Jasper, when used for healing, integrates all parts of your life. Jasper reminds everyone to assist one another.

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