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Spiral Rain

The Runic Codex: A Book of Shadows Almanac on Runes and Their Mysteries

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Unlock the Secrets of the Runes:

Are you a seeker of ancient wisdom and mystical alphabets? Journey through the enigmatic world of runes with "The Runic Codex," a captivating 7-page guide designed to enrich your Book of Shadows. Each page is a magical 8.5" x 11" canvas filled with profound insights into the Elder Futhark, Anglo-Saxon runes, Marcomannic runes, Younger Futhark, Medieval runes, and Dalecarlian runes. Available only in English.

What Awaits You in This Codex:

  • Runes Unveiled: Get an in-depth understanding of each runic symbol.
  • Mystical Alphabets: Delve into the various runic systems that have evolved through ages.
  • Spells & Invocations: Learn how to harness the energy of runes in your magical practices.

Why Choose The Runic Codex?

  • Ancestral Wisdom: Connect with the primal forces that the ancient Norse tapped into for guidance and strength.
  • Universal Resonance: Whether you're a seasoned witch or a new seeker, these runes have messages for you.
  • Practical Magick: Use this guide for divination, talismanic magick, and as a reference in your spellwork.

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          Pages made by Style24Designs and sold with their permission