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Spiral Rain

Topaz Blue Tumbled Tiny

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Blue Topaz facilitates the union of the third eye and throat chakras, so fortifying a connection capable of conveying messages from inside and above. One will become both more at ease with themselves and more cognizant of their emotional body's state. As this connection grows, you will be able to describe and communicate precisely how you feel to the most significant individuals in your life. Blue Topaz bolsters our cerebral capacities and ushers in the awakening of one's real potential. This gemstone enables your mind to expand and become hypersensitive to both your own personal experiences and the messages you receive from entities in the heavens. Subconsciously, when you begin to work with Blue Topaz, it will activate your third eye and enable you to rise and merge different dimensions. The abilities emanating from this stone will elevate a person's intellect so that they can live within higher frequencies while maintaining their physical body firmly rooted to Mother Earth.

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