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Spiral Rain

Unakite Tumbled

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Unakite is a potent Stone of the Heart Chakra. The heart-healing energy is stimulated by the Epidote found in Unakite stones. It operates as a pressure washer for the heart, eliminating energy blockages and regulating your vital energy. Unakite draws all types of love into your life, and its heart-healing properties extend to emotional well-being. Unakite's gorgeous pinks and reds envelop you in a soft, loving aura. When you are depressed or emotionally unbalanced, this warmth and tenderness will lift your emotions and help you feel better. Unakite is also beneficial for overcoming grief, loss, and disappointment. It will assist you in letting go of the individuals and chances that are not meant for you or no longer serve your highest good. Unakite will lead you through feelings of disorientation, apprehension, or confusion. This loving energy is especially beneficial for sensitive children who are navigating these weighty and complex emotional landscapes for the first time. Unakite has a unique relationship with the heart and aids in gaining a deeper knowledge of one's emotional body. Simply meditating with this stone will assist in releasing the "dead weight" emotions we continue to carry. These feelings serve no positive purpose and are occupying space in your heart. Unakite aids in overcoming adversity, regardless of mental distress, and enables one to discover true inner peace. This stone has a gentle feel and will comfort you even when confronting the most difficult feelings. It is a potent talisman of transformation that can not only strengthen your heart but also pave the way to new chances! 

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