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Spiral Rain

Verdite (Budstone Stone, South African Jade) Tumbled

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This South African-only rare green stone relaxes and promotes emotional maturity. Buddstone is a kind of the sedimentary rock chert. It is coloured green by fuchsite, epidote, and chlorite. Although it is commonly mistaken for verdite, the hue of buddstone is distinct from that of verdite, as verdite is a solid green whereas buddstone is mottled green. On the Mohs scale, verdite is rated between 3 and 4, while buddstone is rated between 6.5-7, making buddstone more durable. Buddstone has a velvety feel and an opaque sheen. This stone, which is soothing to the eyes, mind, and body, performs wonders when used for meditation. It emphasises self-reliance, the realisation of potential, and steadfastness in pursuing our life's mission. Excellent for enhancing self-confidence, stamina, and eliminating self-doubt. It promotes consistency and can instil a sense of dependability, which is beneficial for achieving goals and business expansion. Buddstone can serve as a reminder that despite obstacles or roadblocks, things have a way of working out. By instilling a sense of tranquilly and faith in the cosmos, this stone can aid in the elimination of stress, anxiety, insomnia, and sleeping problems. Buddstone heightens our senses, especially hearing, and aligns our intuition with the ground.

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