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Magickal Uses

Violets are affiliated with the planet Venus OR Pluto and are associated with the nymphs of ancient Greek myth as, in the Odyssey, Homer says that Ogygia is "beautiful land of parsley and violets." Violets are also associated with death and rebirth through the story of Attis.

Violets are useful in love spells and may be carried as an amulet to increase one's luck in love. Try combining them with lavender for enhanced effect.

Also useful in spells for protection, wishes, peace and healing.

In the language of flowers, violets represent faithfulness.

Healing Attributes

Violas are rich in antioxidants and vitamin C and A. They also make a lovely, soothing tea that is used in Chinese medicine.


Don't confuse true violets with african-violets which are not edible.