Crystals for Better Health and Well-being

Crystals for Better Health and Well-being

Health and wellness crystals are one of the best options available if you're looking for a natural way to stimulate the body's natural healing ability. These ancient stones have been used by shamans and holistic healers for a variety of purposes, including promoting restful sleep, boosting the immune system, and making the body more robust. Let's explore the most beneficial stones for self-care and wellness.

AMETHYST for tranquilly, sleep, and pain relief.

AVENTURINE for accelerating recovery and maintaining system health

BLACK TOURMALINE for protection against EMF's 

BLOODSTONE for blood flow and controlling aggressive behaviour

CARNELIAN for vivacity and inspiration

CITRINE for regulating mood swings and maintaining clean organs.

CLEAR QUARTZ for amplifying energy and unblocking chakras.

GARNET for resetting your system

LAPIS LAZULI for promoting restful sleep so the body can recover.

MOONSTONE for relieving PMS and assisting with fertility or hormonal transitions.

PYRITE for pollution defence 

SELENITE for a youthful sheen

SMOKY QUARTZ to reduce the physical effects of stress

ROSE QUARTZ for cardiovascular health and calming energy

TIGERS EYE for motivation and metabolism


All parts of your being, not only your physical health, can reap the rewards of these gemstones' healing properties. Crystals have their own special kind of healing energy and they always want what's best for you. The mere act of incorporating one of these stones into your life sets the intention to love yourself, care for yourself, and make actions that lead to longevity, harmony, and the best potential health. As always crystals are tools and can not replace the advice of a medical practitioner. 

Which crystals do you find to be the most beneficial to your health and wellbeing? Use the comments to tell us about your thoughts and experiences.