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A little sparkle to Align with the Universe...

Meditate, Relax, Find the Magic Within...

Work with the cycles of the Moon...

Why now?

As a child I was drawn to nature and the moon, I use to spend hours outside just listening to the sounds of the earth and looking at it's beauty. I first got introduced to the craft with a book (Magical Herbalism) that I found in my dad's library.

Naturally drawn to anything and everything about witchcraft, I started with Wicca and earth-based religions. I eventually moved on to different types of practices to finally make my own. As a Solitary practitioner, I use different branches of witchcraft and other religions to make what is Spiral Rain.

Having practiced and studied meditation, palmistry, tarot, chakras, numerology, crystals, herbs & astrology, my craft and products combine a bit of everything for everyone to find its own. Always open to new discoveries, suggestions and growth, I welcome any advice. I truly believe that everyone is magical, and anyone can discover their magic and put it to good use in their everyday lives.

Let's start a journey and grow into better beings together!

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Outdoor walks increase my clarity

Outdoor walks increase my clarity

Increasing your clarity and productivity with outdoor walks

I often need to stop and take a break from my daily work or thought process and recover my senses. Sometimes, while focusing on the task at hand, I forget that there is a whole world outside these walls. When I remember, I'm more than happy to take a break outside.

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