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Meditate, Relax, Find the Magic Within...

Work with the cycles of the Moon...

Why now?

I connected with the Universe at a young age, but I eventually let life take over and put everything I believed aside. Always searching for what was missing and closing my eyes to the obvious, I let ideals take control. Devoting myself to my family and work, I forgot about myself and my beliefs. 

I believe that everything happens for a reason. Then, everything came knocking and the reason changed my life. Sometimes you must fall apart in order to get back together. That’s when my craft came knocking. It was like the Universe was telling me ‘Now's the time’.

Rediscovering myself and what truly makes me happy made my childhood dream resurface. I felt it was time to share the love and the knowledge. The spiritual path is one of constant learning and I believe spirituality shouldn't break the bank. That’s why I opened Spiral Rain.

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11 Ways to practice mindfulness without meditating

11 Ways to practice mindfulness without meditating

While meditation may be the most effective way to achieve mindfulness, there are other options you can try. Maybe you find it difficult to practice the traditional seated contemplation. Maybe you question its value. You can still find more happiness and peace of mind through a variety of physical and mental practices.

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