Helping everyone to find their inner balance and magick...

Spiral Rain was first born out of my love for witchcraft. I started my practice when my dad allowed me to read his witchcraft collection at 13 and I found myself within the Craft. Today, I am known for integrating different witchcraft and energy practices into my healing sessions and products. My goal is to help and inform others, by sharing my knowledge, my handmade products and by doing healing sessions.

My sessions truly reflect my Craft by combining witchcraft, reiki, and transpersonal crystal healing. I like to treat the root of what is causing an issue instead of just treating the symptom. My clients come from all ways of life, and I have come to specialize in treating and creating items for other light workers.

With my boxes, I try to make it easy for everyone to practice magic, find their inner balance and develop their spirituality, by giving them the opportunity to have everything ready for the month’s theme. My boxes are made to ensure the contents are unique and ideal to support and inspire witches and spiritual enthusiasts at any stage of their journey. My Craft and my products combine a bit of everything so everyone can find their own.

Over time, Spiral Rain has become a family business, with my husband, our 3 kids, my parents, and my sisters. Everyone participates with their high vibes and loving energy to ensure that each order is delivered to your doorstep.

We donate $1 to Sustaining Hope Intl. for every subscription box sold, to help provide clean water to those in need. We do not use a lot of fancy cards and papers to describe our items, everything is written on the information sheets or the items themselves. Our boxes, the papers and everything in our boxes are made with 100% recyclable or reusable materials. We care for the global environment and the world we leave to our children and this is our way of contributing.

Thanks to my family who accompany me in this magickal adventure,

Blessed Be!



Witch, Certified Transpersonal Crystal Practitioner and Reiki Master




made in Canada natural ingredients sustainable socially responsible handmade