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Who is Spiral Rain

Spiral Rain was created in 2018 by me, Rani, and my love of the earth and all it has to offer. Outgoing, open-minded person, who is warm, imaginative, insightful, original and oftentimes mystical. As a child I was drawn to nature and the moon, I used to spend hours outside just listening to the sounds of the earth and looking at its beauty. I first got introduced to the craft with a book (Magical Herbalism) that I found in my dad’s library when I was 12.

Naturally drawn to anything and everything about witchcraft, I started with Wicca and earth-based religions to eventually move on to different types of practices and make my own. As a Solitary witch, a certified crystal healer and certified reiki practitioner, I use different branches of witchcraft and other religions to make what is Spiral Rain. Having practised and studied various occult and energy healing subjects and practices, my craft and products combine a bit of everything for everyone to find his own.

Overtime, Spiral Rain has become a family business, including my husband our 3 kids, my parents and sisters. Everyone chips in with their high vibes and loving energy to get each box delivered to your doorstep.

We donate $1 to Sustaining Hope Intl. for every subscription box sold, to help provide clean water to people in need. We do not use a lot of fancy cards and papers to describe our items, everything is written on the information sheets or the items themselves. Our boxes, the papers and everything in our boxes are made with 100% recyclable or reusable materials. We care for the global environment and the world we leave to our children and this is our way of contributing.