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Blessings on your journey, seeker, and merry meet!

You have arrived at a cherished corner of our mystical market: the realm of the subscription boxes. The Witchy and Spiritual path overflows with enchantments, but also demands the diligence of seeking wisdom. To initiate and enhance your journey through the arcane, our subscription boxes are your trusted companions! Be you a neophyte or a seasoned sorcerer, these boxes are a cornucopia of seasonal gifts, perfectly attuned to the cosmic ballet of solstices, celebrations, and the lunar dance.



  • Apothecary Box: Energy exchange of $80 or more
  • Crystal Box: Energy exchange of $40 or more
  • Ohm Box: Energy exchange of $80 or more
  • Witch Box: Energy exchange of $80 or more

Delight in the magickal economy by subscribing or choosing a pre-paid plan. Please note, these cannot be cancelled once the first box begins its journey to you.

  • Monthly: Enjoy a 7% discount off retail price
  • Three moons (3 months): Enjoy a 10% discount off retail price
  • Half a turn of the wheel (6 months): Enjoy a 13% discount off retail price
  • Full turn of the wheel (12 months): Enjoy a 15% discount off retail price, and receive an extra box, a 13th moon gift, for free!


  • English boxes begin their journey to you on the 1st of each moon, while French boxes begin on the 3rd. Boxes ship from the 1st to the 8th of each month. 
  • Should you place your order on the 8th of the month or later, and we are not in the realm of 'sold out', you will be aligned with the energies of the following month's box.
  • Books included in the boxes are in the tongue of Shakespeare. For French boxes, we offer to substitute the book with another treasure of equal value. Send your raven to us @ to request a substitution.
  • Your subscription renews automatically on the 15th day of each moon or when your pre-paid plan completes its cycle, if you select the “subscribe” option.
  • You can cancel your monthly subscription at any time, pre-paid plans can not be cancelled once first box has shipped.


In honoring the sacred circle of life, we minimize our use of scrolls and paper trinkets. Essential information is inscribed directly on the items themselves or on informational sheets. This is our love letter to Gaia, our effort to protect her.

PACKING & SHIPPING: The value of your box includes its physical form and the protective enchantments within. Each box is swathed in padding and wrapping, a delightful mystery awaiting your discovery. We are committed to walking gently upon our Mother Earth and seek out suppliers who share our reverence for her. In this way, we strive to minimize our impact on the environment while ensuring your treasures arrive safely.

BOXES: Crafted from high-quality corrugated paper, your boxes are 100% recyclable. But before you send them on their next journey, consider repurposing. They could become a vessel for your magickal tools, or perhaps a gift box for a fellow seeker.

PAGES AND MONTHLY BOOKLET: Your monthly guidance scrolls, pages, and brochures are inked upon recycled paper, born from sustainable forests, ready to be reborn again.

TISSUE PAPER & FILLING: The tissue paper within is spun from 100% recycled paper. The filler is a combination of recycled crinkle paper and bubble wrap. We believe in the power of reuse, recycling bubble wrap from our suppliers wherever possible.

STICKERS & LABELS: The stickers found within and on top of your boxes and products were printed on recycled kraft labels. 


Imbued with love and intention, the curation and assembly of each box is a sacred ritual. We do not merely 'pack' your treasures; we create an experience of discovery, of magick unfolding. Each step, from crafting the box, hand-cutting protective layers, designing our in-house scrolls, to individually placing each item within its destined pouch, is performed with purpose and care.

The ticking of the clock does not govern us. The crafting of our items, the weaving of the website, the dialogue with you, our community, through the realms of social media, the delicate dance of accounting and marketing - all these are an integral part of our service. It is not a task to us, but a labor of love.

Belief fuels our purpose. We pour our hearts and souls into the creation of each subscription box, infusing it with the purest of intentions. It is our deepest hope that you will sense this in each package you receive, experiencing the care and magick we imbued in its creation.

From our circle to yours, we offer these boxes as milestones on your journey. May they light your path and bring joy to your heart.

Blessed Be!

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