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Spiral Rain

Sabbat Box

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The Sabbat box contains items to help you celebrate the holiday. Each box will contain an assortment of items themed around each Sabbat, ranging from 4 to 7 products (sometimes more). You can expect, oils, perfumes, candles, bath salts, shower gels, teas, crystals, herbs, altar tools, in short, everything to celebrate the wheel of the year. There will be 8 boxes, one for each sabbat.

Here are the 8 boxes of the year:
February 1st - Imbolc (starts shipping out December 28th up to January 15th)
March 21st - Ostara (starts shipping out February 28th up to February 10th)
May 1st - Beltane (starts shipping out March 28th up to April 15th)
June 21st - Litha (starts shipping out May 28th up to June 9th)
August 1st - Lughnasah (starts shipping out June 28th up to July 19th)
September 21st - Mabon (starts shipping out August 28th up to September 8th)
October 31st - Samhain (starts shipping out September 28th up to October 17th)
December 21st - Yule (starts shipping out November 28th up to December 8th)
This box is available as a monthly subscription or pre-paid for half the year, or pre-paid for the full year. It can also be purchased as a one-time box. The first set of boxes for 2023 will start shipping out on December 28th up to  January 15th for you to receive it on-time for the Sabbat.
For those who are already subscribed monthly, I offer to combine this box with your subscription boxes. Shipping will be adjusted accordingly.
I am looking forward to sharing this journey with you!
Rani ✨


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Customs/Import duties, taxes, fees, etc. are not included in item price or shipping cost. Buyer is responsible for all applicable fees. Boxes do include oils/sprays which could delay shipment to international regions. Please check your customs for any restricted items as substitutions are not provided.

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