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Spiral Rain

Mystery Boxes

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Mystery Box: Embrace the Unknown 🌙✨

Step into a realm of wonder with Spiral Rain's Mystery Box. Each box, curated with love and intuition, promises a journey through time and magic. Unwrap a symphony of handpicked treasures that evoke the ancient and the ethereal.

Why This Box?

  • Mystical Array: Each box is a portal to realms both ancient and new. Discover radiant crystals infused with timeless energies, soul-soothing aromatherapy elixirs that whisper tales of old, beauty products that blend the ethereal with the earthly, lifestyle accessories infused with a touch of the divine, potent spiritual tools to guide your inner journey, alluring jewelry that holds the mysteries of the cosmos, and so much more. Every item is a chapter in the grand tapestry of the universe.
  • Kindred spirit, please know that no written paperwork accompanies these boxes, for they bear potent discounts. Only treasures lie within. If their mysteries beckon questions, reach out to us at We'll joyfully unravel the answers for you." 🌙✨
  • Handpicked Magic: Over 15 unique pieces ensure every unboxing is an experience to remember, with energies and charms valued at $200.
  • Exclusive Curations: These treasures hail from our beloved past collections and subscription boxes, bringing the best of Spiral Rain to your doorstep.
  • Celestial Savings: Dive deep into this magical world, all for an otherworldly price of just $60.

But be warned, dear seeker: magic like this won’t linger for long. As the tides turn and the stars shift, these boxes may vanish into the night. So, will you dare to uncover the mysteries within?

By the whispered winds and ancient stones, be it known to all: Due to the deep enchantment of discounted rates, no refunds or credits shall be applied for damages wrought by the journey's transport. 🌙🔮✨

Customs/Import duties, taxes, fees, etc. are not included in item price or shipping cost. Buyer is responsible for all applicable fees. Boxes do include oils/sprays which could delay shipment to international regions. Please check your customs for any restricted items as substitutions are not provided.