Green Witchcraft: what is it and is it right for you?

Green Witchcraft: what is it and is it right for you?

Using herbs as a tuning fork, green witchcraft is the practise of tuning into the energies of the earth. It is essential to understand how the five elements of nature (air, water, fire, earth, and spirit) interact with one another when working with them. A green witch develops remedies and spells through an intimate relationship with herbs and plants. Green witches believe that plants, herbs, flowers, and weeds are magically potent and sacred, and that they should be preserved and fostered.

Do green witches worship any deities?

Green witches may worship specific deities like Pan or Gaia, but all witches should respect and care for Mother Earth in whatever form she takes. Keeping track of the wheel of the year is also essential because noting the shifting of the seasons helps us become more in tune with the natural rhythms.

Green witches respect the power of nature.

A green witch is a witch that utilises natural forces to cast her spells. Most witches that appreciate seasonal living identify as natural witches. A green witch will prioritise seasonal and lunar living, observing the cycles, ingesting seasonal produce, and consulting with nature.

Green witches use plants to heal

A competent practitioner of western medicine will treat the symptoms. A genuinely exceptional western physician treats the source. In eastern medicine, diets are examined first to evaluate whether food may alleviate common conditions such as gastrointestinal issues, skin disorders, or poor energy. This is where green witchcraft shines most. A green witch is completely convinced that plants and food has healing properties. Despite this, nothing can replace medical treatment or the counsel of a physician.

Green witches adapt their lifestyles to the changing seasons.

I am a strong supporter of a seasonal lifestyle. Both you and the ecosystem benefit from seasonal living. By purchasing locally grown, seasonal produce, you support small farms and help the planet grow what is readily available throughout the growing season. Even though you can purchase a variety of fruits and vegetables throughout the year at the grocery store, there is something extra special about working with what is in season; imagine if the supermarket chain down the street did not exist. We may no longer be able to grow our own vegetables, but we can support local farmers who do and fill our meals with nutrient-dense fruits and vegetables that taste better when they are in season. Whether or not you're striving to become a green witch, I would recommend adding "a bit more seasonally" to your list of tasks.

Maintain an open mind to become a green witch

Recognizing that you have much to learn is the first step towards acquiring new information. Certain ideas, histories, and practises may appear foreign, strange, or even implausible; this is normal! When experimenting with a new witchcraft approach, maintain an open mind. Not every spell you cast will be successful. Not every tincture you produce will be therapeutic. Magic is not solely about the result; it also involves practise and self-love.

Take time to appreciate cycles

It is tough to be a green witch and to ignore the earth's cycles. From the seasons to the lunar cycles, discover fascinating ways to track and celebrate each stage of the year. The Old Farmer's Almanac is my go-to source for seasonal forecasts. I believe that the farmer's almanac, which is relied upon by farmers across the country, is as complete as it gets when it comes to predicting weather patterns, seasonal flora, and even how to grow my own herbs. I also use the Moonly app for lunar cycles, which provides status updates on the moon's cycle, basic astrological knowledge, affirmations, and much more. It's a pleasant application to work with.

Study and carry out research

As with any occupation or hobby, I advise conducting some research into the roots and history. Understanding the roots of various ceremonies is crucial, especially in witchcraft. Modern spell casting and witchcraft owes a substantial amount to people of colour, native Americans, and others. We must be aware of their origin stories and appreciative of it.

Be conscious of the environment.

You don't even have to be a green witch to participate in this one; simply be good to Mother Earth!

Here are some books on green witchcraft to get you started

  • The Green Witch: your complete guide to the natural magic of herbs, flowers, essential oils and more by Arin Murphy Hiscock
  • Grimoire For the Green Witch: a complete book of shadows by Anna Moura
  • Green Witchcraft: a practical guide to discovering the magic of plants, herbs, crystals, and beyond by Paige Vanderberk
  • Green Witchcraft: folk magic, fairy lore & herb craft by Anna Moura

As you continue your studies into green witchcraft, you will discover how to employ herbs, plants, and flowers to create potions and oils for everyday healing, as well as how crystals, gems, stones, and even twigs can help you find inner balance. You will learn how to find harmony in the Earth's vast elements and how to connect your soul to every living thing. Explore the land of the green witch and learn what nature's power has in store for you. Whether you perform green witchcraft or simply study about it, whether you are a practising witch or just inquisitive, green witchcraft is an intriguing practise. Nature magic may be the most potent magic of all. If you feel drawn to this path, consider learning the green witch's ways!