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Spiral Rain

Amethyst Chevron Tumbled

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In addition to possessing the same energies and vibrations as regular amethyst, chevron amethyst is significantly more potent and effective when interacting with our higher chakras. This particular form of amethyst focuses on the third eye and crown chakras, stimulating and connecting them. When attuning and aligning yourself with higher energies and vibrations, this vital channel is useful. This stone enhances the vividness and clarity of one's dreams and their visuals through meditation. As the third eye perceives these images, the brain will be better able to comprehend their significance and their relationship to your current life. The purpose of this stone is to help you connect with your higher self and build a permanent bond with this vitally essential being. Our "higher self" is the most authentic and genuine aspect of who we are. By connecting with this aspect of yourself, you will be automatically steered along a suitable life path. Our higher self encourages us to be the person we actually want to be, not the person we are told to be. We advise working with this stone as often as possible and placing it immediately on your third eye to activate it instantaneously.

To comply with social media product listing policies I must mention that our products should not replace advice from a physician. Sold as a Curio. For external use only.