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Spiral Rain

Fairy Happy Home Bottle

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A fairy spell bottle created with the intent of promoting a loving, happy home full of magick and imagination! This handmade bottle contains an herbal spell that promotes warmth, love, protection, and calming energies. Perfect for your altar, or to hang around your home but discreet enough to quietly work its magic from a hidden spot. Salt rests at the bottom to keep everyone you love at home grounded.

An enchanted mix of herbs and flowers including white sage to cleanse. Willow, Rosebuds & Rosehips collate to provide harmony, gratitude, and protection. Jasmine offers love and attracts the fairies. Rose Quartz, Quartz, Obsidian, Lavender for love and peace, Orange Peel for blessings, Marigold for psychic power, Yarrow for courage, Juniper Berry for health and Reindeer Moss. A sparkle of mica symbolises the request to fairy folk to keep magick alive in your home. The bottle is sealed with orange beeswax.