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Spiral Rain

Witchcraft, Reiki, and Transpersonal Crystal in-person Healing Session

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Intention of the session

You can choose the intention you would like to work on from the menu.

A session lasts a total of 90 minutes. I keep 30 minutes for us to discuss before and after and the healing session is 60 minutes. An in-person healing session combining witchcraft, reiki, and transpersonal crystal healing would typically look like this:

Arrival & Consultation (15 minutes)

Upon arriving at the workshop, you will first have an initial consultation. I will discuss your intentions, concerns, and specific needs for the session. This step is vital for customizing your healing experience.

Healing session (60 minutes)

Witchcraft Component

I will then prepare the room by casting a protective and sacred circle, signifying the creation of a space where positive energy is amplified and healing can occur. I might call upon specific energies, elements, or deities to assist in the healing process. This could involve rituals, affirmations, or meditative practices to set the tone for the session and create a strong energetic connection.

Reiki Healing

With the space prepared, the Reiki healing can begin. I will place my hands slightly a  above your body in a series of positions, starting at your head and working down towards your feet. As I do this, I will channel universal life energy (also known as "Ki" or "Chi") into you. The purpose of this is to harmonize your energy field, rebalance your chakras, and stimulate your body's natural healing processes. You might experience various sensations during this process, such as warmth, tingling, or profound relaxation.

Transpersonal Crystal Healing

While the flow of Reiki energy continues, I will incorporate the use of healing crystals. Based on your needs and intentions, I will place various crystals on or around your body. These crystals are believed to emit unique frequencies that can interact with your body's energy field, promoting balance, healing, and spiritual growth.

Vibrational Sound Healing

During the session, I will introduce sound healing elements. This involves the use of vibrational frequency music, singing bowls, or other sound-producing instruments. These create vibrational frequencies that interact with your body's energy field, facilitating relaxation, balance, and a deeper state of healing.

Colour Light Healing

The final modality added to the mix is colour light healing. This involves the use of colored lights (chromotherapy) and vogel quartz points to assist in the healing process of the body and mind. Like sound and crystals, light is believed to carry frequencies that can interact with your energy field to promote healing and balance.

With a transpersonal approach, I will guide you, with the help of vibrational frequencies, through meditative practices or visualizations, encouraging you to explore deeper states of consciousness, transcend your individual ego, and connect with your higher self.

Closing the Session

To close the session, I will gently remove the crystals, break the flow of Reiki energy, and close the circle cast at the beginning. You'll be guided through grounding exercises to help you fully assimilate the healing energies and ground your energy back into the physical world.

Debrief (15 minutes)

Finally, you will have a chance to discuss your experience and any sensations you felt during the session. I might provide you with additional advice for maintaining your wellbeing and integrating your healing experience into your daily life. I may also draw some tarot or oracle cards to give you messages from the universe to move forward in your journey.

These healing sessions are highly personal, and your experience will be unique to you. I will respect your comfort and boundaries throughout the session and adjust any practices to accommodate your needs and preferences.