7 Chakras bath salts
7 Chakras bath salts
7 Chakras bath salts
7 Chakras bath salts

7 Chakras bath salts

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Here are some simple steps and suggestions to create your chakra-cleansing rituals.

1. Run a warm bath, preferably in a space that's cleansed. Clear away all products and items you won't be using if possible. Dim the lights and light a candle. 

2. Add 7 Chakras bath salts to the water.

3. Relax, settled in your bath, take 3 big breaths and start your meditation.

I have gathered a list of useful information to help you ease into your meditation. Feel free to play around with these tools to make them yours.

Root Chakra: Located at the very base of the spine, this is perhaps the most important to keep clear, as it is the foundation on which we build our life and impacts our entire sense of being. The root is associated with basic needs and survival, belonging, and tribe. When imbalanced, you may experience insecurity, eating disorders (over- or under-eating), paranoia, aggression, depression, lethargy, negativity, cynicism, greed, slipping back into “survival mode”—even when surrounded by abundance.

Color: Red
Related organs: Kidney, bladder, adrenals, hips, vertebral column
Mantra: LAM. (pronounced laam)
Affirmation: “I am balanced. I am safe. I trust myself. I am grounded. I am enough.”


Sacral Chakra: Located just above the genitals, the sacral chakra helps us to connect to the physical world and enjoy its pleasures in all forms. This is the center of creativity, self-love, and sensuality, and when out of balance, can lead to greed, addiction, frustration, compulsion, sexual repression, depression, self-deprivation, and apathy.

Color: Orange
Related organs: Sex organs, uterus, prostate, large bowels.
Mantra: VAM (pronounced vaam)
Affirmation: “My feelings are healthy. I am strong. I am creative. I love myself.”


Solar Plexus Chakra
This energy center is all about action. Located just above your navel, this is the power center, and when energy gets stuck here, people can experience loss or abuse of their power. When in balance, you’ll feel a strong sense of motivation and direction, and will have a greater ability to trust your “gut feelings.” An imbalance here can lead to sarcasm, pessimism, subjectivity, bossiness, overly analytical or dictatorial personality, abuse of authority, abrasiveness, naïve passiveness, being wishy-washy, fatigue, becoming oblivious, and feeling inferior.

Color: Yellow
Related organs: Liver, stomach, spleen, small intestine.
Mantra: RAM (pronounced raam)
Affirmation: “I accept myself completely. I am receptive to divine energy. I accept my responsibilities. I am guided and receptive to divine will at all times.”


Heart Chakra
This energy center is located right in the center of your heart. It’s where we hold the vibration of love, compassion, tenderness, patience, connection, forgiveness, generosity, and kindness. When out of balance, we experience the opposites of these vibrations, such as impatience, bitterness, resentment, cruelty, loneliness and isolation, jealousy, possessiveness, and suspicion. This fourth chakra is a sort of transition between your lower and higher chakras, between survival and “thrival.”

Color: Green
Related organs: Heart.
Mantra: YAM (pronounced yaam)
Affirmation: “I am loved. I love myself. Everything I do, I do with love. I am receptive and open to receiving love. I forgive others. I forgive myself. I allow the abundance of the universe to pour divine love into my heart.”


Throat Chakra
The fifth chakra is located in your throat, near that place where people sometimes feel a “lump in their throat,” when they get choked up. While not directly adjacent to the power center in your solar plexus, this is often where power is expressed. Perhaps you’re beginning to see how these systems work together, and when one area becomes imbalanced, it can lead to imbalances up the energy chain. Through our speaking, by passing these vibrations through our throat chakras, we are calling things into being. We are creating our world—so if our sacral chakras are imbalanced and we’re creating with an over- or under-active throat chakra, we can be manifesting exactly what we don’t want. An imbalance here could lead someone to experience self-righteousness, infidelity, negative self-talk, repression of self-expression, being overly critical, destruction with words, confusion, and disorientation.

Color: Turquoise Blue
Related organs: Thyroid, lungs, upper digestive tract.
Mantra: HAM (pronounced haam)
Affirmation: “I am learning and growing. I am trusting and trustworthy. I receive and express clear communication.”

Third-Eye Chakra
Located right between your eyebrows, the sixth chakra is the center of intuition and intellectual enlightenment. When in balance, you experience peace regardless of the world around you. When imbalanced, people can experience narrow-mindedness, self-absorption, lack of imagination, insensitivity, headaches, a scattered mind, and impaired vision.

Color: Indigo
Related organs: Eyes, sinuses, lower head.
Mantra: OM (pronounced aaum or ohm)
Affirmation: “I am wise. I see.”

Crown Chakra
Once you’ve nurtured your other six chakras and the energy is flowing, you are likely feeling a great sense of peace, purpose, and flow. The crown chakra is located at the crown/top of your head, and is the center for your spiritual awakening, wisdom, and enlightenment. When out of balance, people can experience depression, schizophrenia, feelings of superiority, lack of contact with reality, lack of concern for others.

Color: Purple
Related organs: Brain, pineal gland
Mantra: OM (pronounced aaum or ohm)
Affirmation: “I am filled with greatness. I am connected to the divine wisdom of the universe. I trust my higher self.” 

Ingredients : Epsom Salt, Dead sea salt, sodium bicarbonate, 100% pure essential oils of: sweet orange, lemon, Rosemary, frankincense, tea tree, eucalyptus and Rosemary herbs

 Please note that our products should not replace advice from a physician. If you are pregnant, nursing, or have any serious medical condition consult a physician before using any of our products.