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Spiral Rain

Abundance Candle

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Step into a world where prosperity flows freely with Spiral Rain's Abundance Candle. Crafted for those who seek to manifest wealth in its many forms—financial, spiritual, and beyond—this candle serves as a beacon, guiding you towards the abundance you deserve. Charged with Reiki and the ancient art of witchcraft, it embodies the magick within, ready to amplify your intentions and transform them into reality.

A Symphony of Scent and Crystal Magic Imbued with the uplifting scent of lemon verbena and the warm, spicy notes of cinnamon oil, our Abundance Candle is not just a candle but a ritual tool designed to elevate your vibrational frequency. Each ingredient is chosen for its alignment with prosperity and success: green aventurine for growth, pyrite for wealth, and marigold flowers for protection and legal matters. Together, they create a potent blend to attract good fortune.

Empower Your Intentions To connect with the candle's energy, take a moment to hold it, allowing your energy to merge with its own. As you set your specific intentions, voice them out loud, then light the candle to send those intentions into the universe. This act of manifestation turns the candle into a powerful cauldron of abundance, working tirelessly to bring your desires to fruition.

Affirmation for Attracting Abundance As you light the candle, focus on the affirmation: "I am open and ready to attract abundance into my life." Repeat this mantra to reinforce your openness to prosperity, success, and the endless opportunities waiting to manifest in your life.

Sustainable Magic for Your Spiritual Journey Each Abundance Candle is hand-poured with eco-friendly soy wax, ensuring that your path to prosperity is also a commitment to the Earth's well-being. The crystals, once the candle has burned down, can be kept as talismans of your intention to continuously attract abundance.

Product Highlights

  • Handmade with natural soy wax, lemon verbena, and cinnamon oil
  • Embellished with green aventurine, pyrite, and marigold flowers for prosperity
  • Charged with the power of Reiki and witchcraft for potent manifestation
  • Ideal for rituals, meditation, and setting intentions for abundance

Manifest Your Desires with the Abundance Candle Whether you're aiming for financial prosperity, spiritual wealth, or success in your endeavors, the Abundance Candle from Spiral Rain is your ally. Let it illuminate your journey towards abundance, transforming aspirations into tangible blessings.