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Spiral Rain

Abundance Tea

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A luxurious blend of green teas, sweetly minty, citrusy and fully refreshing!

Introducing our Abundance Tea, a delicious blend of organic green tea, spearmint, and lemon verbena. This powerful combination of herbs is carefully curated to help bring abundance and prosperity into your life.

Green tea is known for its high antioxidant content, which can help to support overall health and wellbeing. It also contains caffeine, which can help to improve focus and energy levels. Spearmint is often used in herbal medicine for its digestive and anti-inflammatory properties, and is believed to help clear the mind and promote relaxation. Lemon verbena is known for its calming and uplifting properties, and is often used to support the immune system and reduce stress.

With its delicious flavor and powerful properties, our Abundance Tea is the perfect way to bring more abundance and prosperity into your life. Whether you're looking to attract financial abundance, career success, or overall wellbeing, this tea can help to support your goals and intentions.

Enjoy a cup of this tea each day as part of your ritual or mindfulness practice, and allow its energy to help manifest your desires.

Ingredients: Green tea*, spearmint*, lemon verbena* (*organic)

Serving Size: 2.5g /cup
Steeping Temp: 78°C
Steeping Time: 3 mins.
Origin: Various
Caffeine: Low
Certification: Organic
Grade or Quality: Loose Leaf
Aroma: Sweet mint, citrus, little grassy
Infusion Aroma: Sweet mint, citrus
Infusion Color: Deep Gold
Infusion Strength: Light

Teas are sold in 1 oz (30g) bags and are packed loosely