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Spiral Rain

Aquamarine Tumbled

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Aquamarine is a crystal of empowerment. It gives you the courage to face anything that life throws at you. This stone’s calming energy relieves your fears, and it will protect you from harm. Aquamarine resonates particularly well with empaths and other emotionally sensitive individuals. By promoting introspection, Aquamarine also draws out joy, imbuing you with a youthful spirit. This crystal also encourages effective communication, both in your personal and professional life. Aquamarine channels your experience, knowledge, and emotional intelligence to clearly convey your message to your audience. If a relationship has become rocky, Aquamarine will help you and your partner work through your issues, and these harmonizing properties can recall a lover or friend who has separated from you.

Historically, Aquamarine has been used to maintain a loving marriage. Aquamarine balances your emotions, discouraging excessive negativity and healing trauma. This sense of clarity translates to increased mental acuity. Aquamarine gives you the vitality to pursue your dreams with both the discipline and the joy necessary to achieve them. Whenever you face difficult times, Aquamarine will protect and guide you, giving you the strength and emotional intelligence to work through grief and adversity. Aquamarine channels water’s healing energy. It cleanses you and reminds you that it’s always darkest before the dawn. 


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