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Spiral Rain

Jade Black Tumbled

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Black Jade is a rare variety of Jade that contains additional dark minerals. This crystallised stone can only be discovered in Australia, Japan, China, and the United States. It is frequently fashioned into slabs, cabochons, and various other forms. Black Jade is an excellent material for establishing a protective barrier around the physical and ethereal bodies. This energetic shield can offer you with the required protection during crucial times of your life's development. This Jade variation connects precisely with your root and heart chakras, closing the gap between them. Constantly internalising feelings rather than expressing them openly is a poor habit that Black Jade can help correct. Although this may make you feel secure in the present, you are letting your worst fears to rule your emotions on a daily basis. Black Jade facilitates the channelling of inner strength for a more optimistic viewpoint. You may feel a tremendous feeling of relief as the continual burden you have carried begins to diminish day by day. Instead of viewing your difficulties as obstacles, Black Jade transforms them into chances for growth and prosperity!

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