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Spiral Rain

Aura Quartz Blue Tumbled

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The Caribbean hues of Blue Aura Quartz, also known as "Aqua Aura Quartz," evoke the peaceful waves of the universe. It is an excellent stone for practitioners of crystal therapy. Blue Aura Quartzes create tranquilly and calming vibrations for frayed nerves and overactive minds. The flowing energies of Blue Aura Quartzes provide protection from bad spiritual effects, such as energy vampirism, psychic obstructions, and negative influences. Aqua Aura Quartz creates a path of self-awareness and self-evolutionary motivation for people who desire a more intimate and fruitful relationship with the Water Element. It is an excellent gemstone for opening the door to self-expression and investing in one's own happiness on all life's journeys. Any type of Aura Quartz has a natural quartz base that has been treated with titanium dioxide to generate a lovely iridescent sheen. This virtually holographic sheen is not found in nature, but it is a testament to human ingenuity and makes lovely presents! Specimens have been treated with titanium dioxide to achieve their beautiful aura coating; nonetheless, the underlying Quartz will exhibit roughness, dips, internal fractures, and inclusions.

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