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Spiral Rain

Jasper Brecciated Worry Stone

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These pocket tranquilizers use a form of reflexology, or nerve pressure. Rubbing the smooth surface of the stone puts pressure on nerves within the thumb that may release endorphins, the brain’s natural relaxants. Worry stones may vary in sizes. 

    Brecciated Jasper is a highly transformational gemstone! Embedded in a matrix of Quartz, this form of Jasper has many varieties of the stone. Brecciated Jasper is an opaque red stone with cream, brown, and grey hues that form swirling patterns throughout. Some specimens may contain veins of argent-colored Hematite. It is typically found in the form of polished, rounded stones. Brecciated Jasper is a stone of life and strength. Utilize Brecciated Jasper as a worry stone to take advantage of its calming and nurturing attributes. It can be utilised to add mental clarity and concentration to a previously disorganised event, experience, or existence. In addition to purifying and stabilising the auric field, Brecciated Jasper activates the Root and Sacral Chakras. It eliminates negativity from a given area and returns it to its source. Although it is stated that Brecciated Jasper can excite the Kundalini, it has a tendency to stabilise this energy (due to the Hematite inclusion). This variety of Jasper is an excellent grounding stone that can aid those who feel overwhelmed by the chore of organisation. Brecciated Jasper improves dream memory and aids in the development of creativity as well as the identification of appropriate channels for the expression of this creativity. Brecciated Jasper is beneficial for conquering any type of guilt or shame, especially sexual guilt or shame. Additionally, it can reduce sexual aggression and promote sexual compatibility. Physically, it is a cleansing stone that supports health and recovery from disease.

    To comply with social media product listing policies I must mention that our products should not replace advice from a physician. Sold as a Curio. For external use only.