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Spiral Rain

Bronzite Tumbled

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Bronzite is a potent instrument for boosting confidence. It allows you to demonstrate your best qualities to the world and speak up for yourself. Its defensive characteristics make it safe for you to be so brave; any envy attracted by your newly discovered self-assurance will ricochet off the Bronzite and return to its source. These elements of confidence and safety also contribute to job advancement. Bronzite helps you choose a career that enhances you on both a personal and a professional level, as opposed to simply generating you money. A bronzite stone is a protective and anchoring mineral that restores balance to your life. It improves your self-confidence and self-esteem, particularly in situations where you feel overwhelmed or weak. Bronzite's therapeutic powers ease feelings of uncertainty and indecision. This particular bronzite significance makes this a very advantageous stone to utilise while making future plans.

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