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Spiral Rain

Celestite Tumbled

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Celestite is a stone associated with the New Age! It improves heart purity and brings good fortune by eradicating suffering and negativity. Celestite will promote equilibrium and alignment while fostering inner tranquilly. If you are timid, Celestite will foster your courage and self-assurance. It also harnesses these energy to assist you in embracing new chances and stepping into your rightful place of prominence. Celestite can soothe your emotions when you're feeling overloaded or exhausted, as well as rage and frustration. Celestite facilitates negotiation, resulting in amicable outcomes, particularly in troubled relationships. Celestite enables you to voice your inner truth and move on with your most genuine self, without ego interference. Celestite will also assist you in letting go of any emotional ties to the past, leading you to a better path and way of thinking.

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