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Spiral Rain

Chrysoprase Tumbled

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Chrysoprase is a heart stone that fills one's aura with powerful healing energy. This stone assists in activating and opening the heart chakra, making it easier to connect with your emotional body. By being more in tune with oneself, one will quickly recognise their inner strength. Chrysoprase invites us to channel newly discovered strength directly into our heart place, in an effort to purify and eliminate negative energy. Activating and unlocking one's solar plexus chakra is also facilitated by this unique gem. This chakra represents the origin of our individual will, and with it, anything is possible. Everything that we do out of love is motivated by our individual will. This unquenchable need propels us to action and provides laser-like focus, enhanced stamina, strength, resolve, and awareness. Chrysoprase's capacity to offer a connection between our solar plexus chakra and heart area is what makes it such a potent stone. With this link, we are able to effortlessly access and employ the aforementioned characteristics with heartfelt, rather than only rational, goals. This will enable the strength to genuinely concentrate on pursuing one's heart's desires. Chrysoprase is a powerful crystal that can help you achieve the genuine meaning of happiness and peace, which is a heart that feels complete.

To comply with social media product listing policies I must mention that our products should not replace advice from a physician. Sold as a Curio. For external use only.