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Spiral Rain


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A powerful tea with a delightful lemony flavour.

Introducing our Cleansing Tea, a blend of organic herbs and natural essences that work together to support your body's natural cleansing processes. This tea is perfect for those looking to purify their body and mind, and to promote overall wellness.

Our tea is carefully crafted with a combination of Schisandra berries, burdock, yellow dock, lemongrass, dandelion leaf, and red clover. Schisandra berries are known for their antioxidant properties, while burdock and yellow dock are traditionally used to support liver function and promote detoxification. Lemongrass and dandelion leaf work to support the body's natural elimination processes, and red clover is believed to promote overall wellness.

With a refreshing taste and soothing aroma, our Cleansing Tea is perfect for those looking to start their day with a healthy and invigorating beverage. Brew a cup and take a moment to relax, breathe in the soothing aroma, and feel the cleansing power of our organic ingredients work their magic on your body and mind.

Ingredients: Schisandra berries*, burdock*, yellow dock*, lemongrass*, dandelion leaf*, red clover*, natural essences* (*organic)

Serving Size: 2.5g /cup
Steeping Temp: 100°C
Steeping Time: 5 mins.
Origin: Various
Caffeine: Caffeine Free
Certification: Organic
Aroma: Citrus
Infusion Aroma: Woodsy and citrusy
Infusion Color: Yellow
Infusion Strength: Medium-Strong

Teas are sold in 1 oz (30g) bags and are packed loosely