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Spiral Rain

Creativity Box

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Dive into the wellspring of your imagination with Spiral Rain's Creativity Box, a specially curated collection designed to awaken your inner artist and infuse your creative endeavors with vitality and inspiration. Whether you're overcoming a block, embarking on new projects, or simply wishing to infuse your daily life with more spontaneity and joy, this box is your ally in embracing a lifestyle brimming with creative potential.

Embrace the Essence of Creativity:

  • Pamphlet ($5 value): Your guide to unlocking the full potential of each item, with insights on how to harmonize them with your creative intentions.
  • Creativity Bracelet ($25 value): A wearable reminder of your creative power, featuring carnelian, red jasper, citrine, tiger's eye, orange agate, and lava stone, each chosen for their energizing and creative-enhancing properties.
  • Essential Oil Perfume (10ml) ($18 value): Anoint yourself with the uplifting blend of sweet orange, lime, and cardamom, infused with carnelian stones to carry the essence of creativity wherever you go.
  • Ritual Oil (10ml) ($15 value): Elevate your creative space with this diffuser oil, harmonizing sweet orange, lime, and cardamom scents, enriched with carnelian stones for continuous inspiration.
  • Natural Bath Salts (9 oz) ($20 value): Soak in the invigorating energies of sweet orange, lime, and cardamom, accompanied by marigold and a carnelian stone, to cleanse your aura and refresh your creative spirit.
  • Soy Wax Candle (4 oz) ($18 value): Light this candle scented with rosemary & mint, adorned with carnelian and cinnamon pieces, to illuminate your creative journey and spark innovative ideas.
  • Loose Incense (2 oz) ($15 value): Burn this blend of frankincense, orange peel, rosemary, and other creativity-boosting herbs, topped with a carnelian, to purify your space and invite fresh inspiration.
  • Accessories: Complete with 2 charcoal disks ($1 value), a small ceramic bowl ($5 value), and sand ($3 value) for a safe and serene incense-burning experience.

Valued at $125, the Creativity Box from Spiral Rain is more than a collection of items; it's a toolkit for anyone looking to deepen their connection to their muse and explore the realms of their imagination. It serves as an ideal gift for the creatives in your life or as a personal treasure to nurture your artistic soul.

Note: While our products are crafted to enrich your creative and spiritual journey, they complement but do not replace professional advice.

Elevate your creative practice with the Creativity Box, your portal to unleashing the boundless potential of your imagination and fostering a life filled with artistic expression and joy.