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Spiral Rain

Crescent moon amethyst labradorite necklace

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A gorgeous necklace for witches and moon lovers! The pendant is made with a beautiful amethyst, a sweet piece of labradorite, and a cute crescent moon. The metal parts are detailed, in a gothic baroque style. 

AMETHYST PROPERTIES: Gemstone of spirituality, amethyst will stimulate your third eye and crown chakra. Amethyst is the perfect gemstone to find calm, wisdom, and to help spirituality awareness. Amethyst is the perfect crystal to improve your divination skills and connect with your intuition. This stone helps to enhance spiritual awareness and bring wisdom As amethyst can bring you peace and calm. If you feel anxious or angry, amethyst can help you with that. With the calming effect, amethyst is a perfect gemstone for reiki practitioners.

LABRADORITE PROPERTIES: Labradorite is a protective gemstone, acting as a shield. Labradorite can be worn every day and increase intuition. It's a great gemstone if you want to reach higher levels of consciousness, stimulate visions, practice divination, and get rid of the fears and apprehension you could have about it. Labradorite is linked to the third eye chakra, the element of Water, and the Zodiac signs of Scorpio, Leo, and Sagittarius.

SYMBOL: A crescent moon was known to symbolize womanhood, fertility, intuitiveness, psyche and empowerment.

Pendant height: 4.5 Centimetres; Pendant width: 2 Centimetres with black waxed cord necklace, 18”