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Spiral Rain

Scorpio (Oct 23 - Nov 21) bracelet

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Embark on a journey of deep transformation with Spiral Rain's Scorpio Zodiac Bracelet, a meticulously designed amulet that embodies the enigmatic essence of Scorpio. This bracelet marries the protective force of Black Obsidian with the grounding power of Lava Stone, all amplified by the energetic conductivity of Copper. It's an accessory that transcends mere fashion, serving as a guardian and guide through life's upheavals and revelations.

Celestial Empowerment for the Scorpio Soul:

  • Black Obsidian: A shield against negativity, Black Obsidian clears the aura of psychic smog and anchors you in the present moment. It's a stone of self-reflection, empowering you to discover your true desires and motivations.
  • Lava Stone: Connect to the stabilizing energies of the earth with Lava Stone. This stone supports you through change, providing the strength to pursue your true path with confidence.
  • Copper: Enhance your spiritual journey with Copper, a conduit for the bracelet's energies to synchronize with your unique vibrational signature.

Embrace the Scorpio Mystique: Crafted with 8mm beads, each bracelet is a unique testament to the wearer's journey towards self-discovery and transformation. The variable zodiac charm, available in rose gold or silver, personalizes your experience, making each bracelet uniquely yours.

Your Protective Companion: Whether navigating the complexities of everyday life or delving into spiritual practice, this bracelet stands as a beacon of protection, grounding, and personal evolution. It's a perfect gift for those born under Scorpio or anyone seeking to harness the transformative energy of this powerful zodiac sign.

Note: While our products support spiritual well-being, they are not intended to replace professional medical advice.

Wearable Alchemy: Charged with reiki and magick, the Scorpio Zodiac Bracelet isn't just jewelry; it's a tool for transformation, empowering you to shed old patterns and embrace the transformative power within. Let it guide you as you unveil your inner mystique and step into your power.